Modifying Total Receipts

Every time your Customers/Sub-Resellers add funds to their debit account with you, the amount gets added to their Total Receipts. The Total Receipts figure is significant because it allows you to set graded Pricing for your Customers/Sub-Resellers based on the amount of business they have done with you. This can be done by setting slabs for pricing, based on the Total Receipts.

For example, suppose you have slabs set at USD 50, 100 and 500 for your Sub-Resellers, with pricing for say, a .COM domain name set at USD 10, USD 9 and USD 8 respectively for these slabs. Thus, when a Sub-Reseller's Total Receipts cross the particular level, say USD 100 he can avail of .COM domain names for a lower price than before, i.e., USD 9.

Modifying the Total Receipts of your Customers / Sub-Resellers would be specially useful in the following cases:

  • If you have set your Pricing for Customers / Sub-Resellers based on Slabs and you would like to give a special discount to one of your Customers / Sub-Resellers, you can do so by modifying his Total Receipts.


    This would only modify his Total Receipts and thus lower his Pricing Slab accordingly. No Funds will be added to the Customer / Sub-Reseller Account.

  • If you have raised an Invoice / Debit Note or added some Receipt / Credit Noteand made a mistake in deciding whether you wish this to reflect in his Total Receipts. You can rectify your mistake by appropriately modifying his Total Receipts.

    Follow the below mentioned steps to modify the Total Receipts:

      1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel. See details

      2. In the Menu, point to Customers / Sub-Resellers and click List or Customers / Sub-Resellers -> Search.

      3. Search for the Customer / Sub-Reseller by specifying the desired parameters.


        Click the Customer / Sub-Reseller Name link.


      5. In the Customer / Sub-Reseller Details view, click the Modify Total Receipts Button.

      6. The Current Total Receipts of the Customer / Sub-Reseller would be displayed. Modify the value as desired.

      7. Click Submit.